Large Animal Imaging

All human imaging devices that are listed on the Human Imaging web page can be used for animal imaging.

  • Animals as large as pigs or sheep can be imaged.
  • Each scanner room has a separate animal access.
  • Aseptic surgical suites are available for animal use.

A full-scale set of CT, MR, PET and ultrasound scanners is available for large-animal imaging translational researches. Among the many areas of ongoing large-animal imaging projects, pulmonary imaging and image analysis is especially active. Annually, about 50 sheep are imaged using our state-of-the-art 64-slice MDCT scanner. A remote control imaging table has replaced the standard patient transport unit for holding animals in place during imaging. Some of the imaging devices used for large-animal imaging are listed below in the human-imaging section; these devices are dedicated solely to research use.